Motorcycle GPS
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GPS is becoming a fundamental part of every vehicle nowadays, especially when it comes to traveling large distances on a trip or adventure.

One of these devices can make your experience completely better, and most of the time save you time and stop you from getting lost.

While having one in a car is extremely helpful, even more so is having a GPS in a motorcycle. We’ve decided to make a list about the top 20 motorcycle GPS tracker for you to choose the right one.

Come and see the best motorcycle GPS available on the market, reviewed in-depth and wholly described to offer you a perfect idea of what they offer.

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Amazon’s Choice
Garmin zūmo XT
Garmin zūmo XT
Garmin DriveSmart
Garmin DriveSmart
Overall Best
Garmin Zumo 595LM
Garmin Zumo 595LM
  • Premium Motorcycle GPS for New Adventures in Riding
  • Built for Adventure, Born to Ride
  • The Benefits of Hands-free Calling
  • Ride Smarter with Your Smartphone
  • Enjoy Some Traveling Music
  • Keep a Sharper Lookout with Rider Alerts
  • Guidance Using Recognizable Landmarks
  • Lifetime Map Updates
  • Navigation Tools

Why Opts for a GPS for Your Motorcycle?

Everyone knows what a GPS does; helps you find the perfect path faster. But that’s not the only thing you get when having a GPS.

Most of these fantastic devices offer a wide range of features that you wouldn’t believe. Making your trip not only more convenient & easier entirely, but also completely entertaining and sometimes even totally stress-free.

Some of these devices will update your map live, giving you the perfect paths according to your needs. Others will help you respond to any calls or messages you receive without using your hands at all while driving.

And the rest may even help you to avoid harsh weather conditions, traffic, or natural disasters coming your way.

When it comes to convenience, these devices are also much better. They are easy to install, don’t consume much battery power, and most of the time they can become the perfect companion for any traveler.

From telling you the time to give you real-time alerts of anything that happens close to you – these devices can be utterly fantastic to have.

Having one motorcycle GPS while traveling long distances or through unknown places, will quickly make your experience much better in every way. As quickly as you get one of these, you won’t believe how useful they are.

Want to know about what a GPS for motorcycle can do? Then keep reading and learn why such a fantastic device can become a total necessity when riding on your bike.

Our Picks of the Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker

When it comes to choosing a GPS for your motorcycle, it all comes down to choosing the right one. No one wants a product that does not deliver, but to pick the one that does, you need to distinguish what to look for.

The following GPS reviews will help you choose correctly – so read up ahead and catch the one for you.

1. Garmin Zumo 595LM

Garmin Zumo 595LM
Garmin Zumo 595LM
Garmin Zumo 595LM

This 5.0 inches display with dual-orientation offers a wide array of digital features you will love. Among them, you can find a perfect media compatibility for easier MP3 & music control, and smart notifications from calls, app alerts, plus LiveTrack mode from when you’re riding with friends.

Apart from all that, the Garmin Zumo 595LM is pretty reliable overall, provides a very resistant construction that lasts for years.

It also comes with fantastic Bluetooth and connects directly to your smartphone without any problem.

Key features you will love:

Top-Notch Routing & GPS

Having the ability to have even the smallest roads on your map is an advantage not many GPS offers.

With this one, you will be able to avoid major highways, prevent going on challenging routes, and at the same time, find it’s the fastest way to your destination.

Exceptional Rider Alerts

Going through a path you don’t know at all? Then use the GPS’s rider alerts to be attentive whenever a problematic road comes your way.

Whether it is a curve, cameras, traffic lights, or just whatever – this GPS will let you know before it is too late.

High-Quality Compatibility

Apart from being able to control MP3 players or smartphones through Bluetooth, this GPS also helps you pair up with other riders via LiveTrack app.

You will be ready to ride along with friends and see each other’s location whenever you need to. And of course, the Bluetooth compatibility helps you use hands-free calling, messaging and more.

  • Offers excellent routing & GPS capability
  • Rider alerts will come very handy in different roads
  • Excellent compatibility with a wide array of devices & features
  • Top-notch build provides a very reliable and durable equipment 
  • Display and audio quality are not the best out there

2. Garmin Zumo 395LM

Garmin Zumo 395LM
Garmin Zumo 395LM
Garmin Zumo 395LM

With a 4.3 inches display, finding the right route when traveling is a total piece of cake with the Zumo 395LM from Garmin. It is very akin to the previous product but on a smaller device.

It offers practically all the same features, plus a much more resistant & durable hardware construction.

Overall, this device provides fantastic compatibility, exceptional music & media control, and a convenient set of alerts for different situations. Whether you want more peaceful and to-the-point travel, or a much more alerted & problem-free experience – this GPS is the perfect option for both

Key features you will love:

High-Capacity Routing

You can avoid major highways and instead go through less known paths without problems. Wherever you are, you need to watch for new and exciting routes to find your path into your destination.

This way, you don’t waste your time and have a better experience while traveling.

Roughest Design

Want to go through the harshest of paths and environments without problems and still receive excellent results from your GPS? Then finding a resistant and reliable product like the Garmin 395LM is what you should do.

Capable of withstanding fuel vapours, harsh weather and even UV rays – this GPs also has a rate of IPX7 waterproofing – so you get a top-notch device.

Exceptional Bluetooth Compatibility

Being able to hook up your smartphone and receive calls and voiced directions on your helmets is merely outstanding. You won’t have to stop to answer calls.

You won’t have to worry if you can’t be watching the GPS at all times, it will help you receive all that directly without interference. This Bluetooth capability will promote a much more convenient GPS operation.

  • Astonishing rugged build for durability and resistance to weather changes
  • Much more effective Bluetooth feature for connectivity & convenience
  • Outstanding routing with Adventurous features
  • Very compact and convenient design
  • Really slow software may feel frustrating
  • Sunlight can dark out visibility

3.TomTom Rider 400

TomTom Rider 400 Portable Motorcyle GPS
TomTom Rider 400 Portable Motorcyle GPS
TomTom Rider 400 Portable Motorcyle GPS

Want to feel like using a great device all throughout your whole trip? Then the TomTom Rider 400 is what you’re looking for. Specifically made for motorcycles, there’s no doubt this one will keep your driving a lot more reliable – even through the harshest of paths.

This one is perfect for those bikers who want to go in the most exciting adventures. It is responsive, comes with excellent audio & image quality while delivering the typical GPS operation to go in whatever path you prefer. And with its compact design, taking it everywhere is a total piece of cake.

Key features you will love:

Exceptional GPS Operation

If there’s something that sets this GPS apart from others is the ability to pick the best roads according to your desires.

From the Winding Roads feature to the Hilly Roads or even Round-Trip Planning – you can discover new and exciting paths to explore without problems. Add the Bluetooth audio instructions, and you won’t have a problem finding your way.

Top-Notch Pre-Programming

Being able to program your route and overall destination before leaving your home is an option not many devices offer. The TomTom Rider 400 apart from that, also helps you get & mark all the POI’s from the place you’re going, and upload tracks through microSD if you want.

The MyDrive feature enables you to use a smartphone or PC to update everything as well.

Superb Design Entirely

Resists all types of weathers, keeps the device ready for use at all times and provides excellent visibility even with great sunlight.

It also allows the user to fit the device more comfortable and convenient in any bike with a rotating body and a portrait mode for easier manipulation.

  • Very convenient pre-programming features
  • Fantastic image quality for visibility in harsh weather
  • Much more resistant & durable build
  • Excellent GPS operation & navigation features
  • Minimal design makes it difficult to operate
  • Slightly uncomfortable interface can be frustrating

4.BMW Motorrad Navigator V

Among the many GPS for motorcycle available in the market, the BMW Motorrad is maybe the series with the most reliability you will find.

Now, with the Navigator V you get everything you need for a stress-free performance, excellent operation, and intuitive software that get all the features you need more easily.

You will be able to enjoy a 5-inches display with a very convenient set of tech features, and fantastic visibility even with hard sunlight. The device also links to your smartphone, offers hands-free options, tells you the weather, and more. And installing it is a total piece of cake even for beginners.

Key features you will love:

Exceptionally Convenient Design

Its design is specially made to offer more convenience while on the road. You won’t have to stop to look for a path or enjoy a new feature.

Just press any of the side buttons to select your desired option, enjoy the bright visible screen, and get the results you want more easily. Apart from that, with its mount cradle and mount, installing it in your bike will be effortless.

Top-Notch Software

BaseCamp is one of the most useful and exciting software in the market, with the ability to create routes and navigate throughout the best paths beforehand.

Set your course, study the track altogether, and follow it while driving without any problem. You can save up to 30 different routes and enjoy a totally hands-free GPS with reliable performance.

Excellent Connectivity & Compatibility

From having 8GB of storage to having microSD expandability, Bluetooth compatibility with smartphones, Link-App feature for traffic & weather updates, and much more – this device is merely outstanding.


  • Much more comfortable to use and convenient design
  • Superb software and overall responsiveness
  • Incredible quality display & visibility at 5 inches
  • Compatible with Bluetooth and connects to a wide array of features


  • More expensive than most options

5.Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S

Having navigation in your motorcycle is a very convenient way of never getting lost while travelling, or to find your way quicker. With the 396 LMT-S from Garmin, you get a product that offers the opportunity to enjoy your bike trips like no other device can provide.

Totally resistant to all types of weather, superbly reliable, incredibly responsive, easy to use and incredibly useful at all times – this device is an option not to overlook.

It comes with Wi-Fi accessibility, excellent Bluetooth compatibility, and top-notch navigation features to find the perfect path anywhere you go.

Key features you will love:

Extremely Resistant Construction

Whatever the weather or condition you go into, the Garmin 396 LMT-S will resist it without problems. Even when it comes to fuel vapours, intense UV rays or seemingly innocent moisture – this device will go through it all.

It looks and feels very sturdy, yet comes in a very convenient compact design for easier portability.

Superb Navigation Features

Want to access live data about whether or traffic changes? Want to know the best roads for your travel? Or want to explore new paths towards your destination you’ve never used before?

If yes, then this device is what you need. With Live updates, Adventurous Routing, and Rider Alerts features, you will have the perfect tool for a stress-free experience.

Much More Compatible & Accessible Options

Apart from having an entire set of features to enjoy superb navigation, you can also enjoy better compatibility and more connectivity.

Being able to pair it up with your smartphone via Bluetooth, or use GPX files for group traveling is just fantastic. Add the built-in Wi-Fi for faster updates and map downloads, and you get a superb device.


  • Better design & resistance for durability and convenience
  • Excellent set of compatibility & connectivity options
  • Navigation options are flawless
  • Excellent size for portability & easy installation


  • Inconsistent smartphone connection may feel bothering

6.TomTom Rider 550

he visibility & reliability that the TomTom Rider 550 offers with its 5 inches display is just perfect. For anyone who wants more responsiveness and a top-notch set of features, this option may seem like the perfect one.

TomTom always creates products that are worth their cost entirely, and this one is not an exception. With its magnificent features, exceptional build, superb connectivity, and unbeatable navigation capacity – the TomTom Rider 550 is one of those GPS anyone would love to have.

Key features you will love:

Exceptional Navigation Features

Finding the perfect roads according to your needs is just a piece of cake. Whether you prefer plain & large highways instead of rocky, winding, or climbing paths or you eventually want the most exciting roads – this GPS is your best choice.

Wherever you go, finding the perfect way is totally easy with this one.

More Connectivity Functions

From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, and compatibility with a wide array of features – you can sync any route, listen to music, answer calls and messages, and much more.

With the TomTom Rider 550, you will have the perfect hands-free device for your smartphone that also gives you high-quality navigation.

Roughest Design Available

Everyone wants a product that can withstand even the hardest of weathers, and the Rider 550 does it all without problems.

You won’t ever have any scratch or difficulty with this one, make sure it is installed correctly, and it will go through impossible conditions effortlessly.


  • Outstanding navigation set of features for easier traveling
  • Responsive and very reliable interface
  • Exceptional design & build for durability and resistance
  • Smartphone Compatibility and connectivity options are just unbeatable


  • Slightly harder to use than other GPS devices

7.Koolertron All Terrain

An all-around device for those who want a rugged yet incredibly convenient device, the Koolertron All-Terrain is easily the most reliable among the best motorcycle GPS.

With its 4.3-inches display, excellent responsiveness, ease of use, and exceptional GPS capability – this device will take you anywhere without hesitation.

It comes with 256MB, 4GB of internal memory expandable to 128GB, up to 4 hours of constant use, rechargeable feature, built-in antenna, Bluetooth compatibility, and waterproof build.

In short, it is a complete, convenient and high-quality GPS that will quickly meet the highest standards.

Key features you will love:

One of the Most Resistant Out There

With IPX7 water-resistant rating and overall top-notch build – this GPS is capable of withstanding the harshest of weather without problems.

Whether it is heavy rain, snow, or the hardest sun rays – you won’t have a problem with this one. Take it anywhere you want, and it will help you reach your destination completely safe.

Excellent Data & Connectivity

Providing the 4GB built-in storage plus the microSD availability to expand it towards 128GB, you can save hundreds of maps and updates into the device for later use when traveling.

Apart from that, its Bluetooth capacity excels in every way – providing hands-free options with your smartphone and other sets of useful features.

Most Versatile Out There

You can get the Koolertron All-Terrain to work on any vehicle you want, from motorcycles to trucks, cars, or just whatever.

Just need to maintain it updated with the latest maps and overall features, and you will have the perfect device for any trip. And for its exceptional interface, using it is entirely stress-free.


  • Superb set of build & design features for resistance and durability
  • Really versatile & convenient design
  • Great data & connectivity options
  • Easy to use interface


  • Software may freeze up or stop responding from time to time

8.Garmin Zumo 350LM

Garmin Zumo 350LM

Garmin is a brand that does not stop when it comes to excellent devices, and the Zumo series is one you shouldn’t dismiss.

Among the Zumo models, the 350LM is easily one of the best, not only because it comes with a 4.3 inches touchscreen with excellent visibility, but also for its build & overall convenience.

Apart from that, the device also provides great navigation features and alerts, apart from increasing connectivity and overall compatibility.

You will be able to enjoy a high-quality GPS experience for years with this one – getting you through the hardest and most enjoyable trips without problems.

Key features you will love:

Stylish yet Reliable Design

One thing that puts the 350LM a slight step above others is the design it comes with. Despite being slightly smaller, it still looks good with a design that also promotes grip and more portability.

On top of that, it works on any road or any weather condition effortlessly. Whether it is through rain or harsh sun rays – this device does it all.

Unmatched Navigation

Go through any road you want, pick the perfect path for your travels, and don’t hesitate to explore with this GPS.

With its voice alerts and directions, finding the right way while traveling will be a complete easy thing with this device. You won’t ever get lost, and you will also get the perfect paths for your trips.

More Features for Better Trips

Along with fantastic navigation and very reliable design, this device also provides the ability to record & show whatever you want.

From mileage to tire changes and pressure, chain cleanings, oil changes, real-time weather alerts, and much more. Minimize risks and get the perfect experience in your trips with the 350LM Zumo from Garmin.


  • Extraordinarily reliable yet stylish design entirely
  • Fantastic set of features for a more exciting experience
  • An unbeatable navigation system to find the perfect paths
  • Superb responsiveness and ease of use


  • BaseCamp software may be really annoying to use

9.Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT

You could say that the Nuvi series from Garmin is the best budget motorcycle GPS available out there. They are easy to use, offer superb responsiveness, and provide a wide array of navigation features for a very affordable price.

It wasn’t created to provide a motorcycle experience entirely, yet if you find the right way to install it and use it on your bike – there won’t be anything to stop you from receiving the best out of it.

Key features you will love:

Outstandingly Reliable & Handy

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with GPS; the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT provides all the features and overall build to give you the perfect device you are looking for.

Whether it is for durability, reliability, or ease of use– this device is made for all that. Making use of this device is a total piece of cake, and getting the best from it won’t be a problem at all.

Top-Notch Camera Features

You wouldn’t believe this, but the Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT comes with a built-in camera that shows images along your way.

With PhotoReal and Bird’s Eye functions, you’ll get detailed and handy images of your route, making it easier to find the right path and avoiding getting lost.

Excellent Navigation Capacity

From showing nearby POI’s, linking to your smartphone, finding real-time data of traffic, and much more – this device is a total gem.

Get to enjoy what a top-notch GPS should offer at an affordable price. Whether it is for navigation or connectivity, this device does it all.


  • Incredibly affordable for its quality
  • Exceptional navigation features
  • Great built-in camera for convenient features
  • Responsive and easy to use


  • Does not offer weather protection like other models

10.Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT

With a 6-inches display, you could easily say Garmin went for the largest device with the Nuvi 2689LMT. Capable of providing better visibility and help you get the most reliable navigation features, this device is effortlessly one of the most convenient options in the list.

Comes with everything you need never to get lost, find the perfect path for your destinations, and search for interesting places in the city or road.

With Bluetooth capacity, Smartphone Link, and more – this device is a perfect option for anyone who wants a quality GPS.

Key features you will love:

Really Handy Alerts & Updates

Maintaining you updated on whatever is happening on the road or street while you travel is an advantage you shouldn’t dismiss in this device.

With its free traffic-avoidance feature, updates of POI while riding, and overall recommendations with the FOURSQUARE feature, this device goes a long way to meet the highest standards.

Top-Notch Responsiveness & Connectivity

You will have the chance to connect your smartphone directly to the device to get better results when travelling. Whether it is for hands-free calling and messaging, or just to get live weather alerts when needed – the Nuvi 2689 is almost perfect.

Add the large display with excellent responsiveness, and you get a product that won’t ever let you down.

Exceptional Navigation

It shows you the perfect access and paths to common destinations such as malls, airports and other points of interests. It helps you recognize where you’re going with friendly and interactive directions.

And what’s even better, it does all that via voice – merely talk to the device and ask it for a path, and it will let you know instantly.


  • Super wide and comfortable display to use
  • Handy alerts & update features
  • Much more responsive and easy to pair up with other devices
  • Outstanding navigation options for easier & reliable traveling


  • Does not offer weather & conditions resistance like others

11.Magellan TRX7 Explorist

With a 7-inches display, you may find this the best motorcycle GPS easily. We can’t think of a better GPS than the Magellan TRX7 eXplorist – a rugged, reliable, responsive, visible, and easy to use the device for any motorcycle.

The perfect option for anyone who wants off-road adventures, this GPS makes it all easy without problems.

Simplifying your trips on the harshest of places is easy with this device, keeping you alert about any trail problems, weather condition, and helping you find the right path when needed. When it comes to dependability, the Magellan TRX7 is a top competitor.

Key features you will love:

Outstanding Entire Build

With an IP67 casing for superb resistant at any moment, any place, or any weather condition, plus an HD touchscreen at 7-inches – the build of this device it’s unmatched.

Even the touchscreen display comes with an ultra-sensitive feature that allows you to get the best from it at all times.

More Route Features for Better Traveling

Never get lost, or without a route to follow, the OHV feature with over 44,000 roads to follow in public, forest or any land is just exceptional. Find the right trail to follow, while still getting a top-notch safety feature for a more secure & reliable experience.

This device also helps you find routes via social sharing, record routes, create waypoints and much more.

Exceptional Navigation System

With a 3D terrain availability or a 2D topographic view, you will be able to find the perfect way to your destination without problems.

Minimize accidents and surprises, build a database for later travels, and always find the perfect road for your trip. The navigation system is so reliable & effective that you won’t believe it.


  • Build to withstand even the harshest of environments and operations
  • A lot easier to use with a superb set of routing features
  • Navigation system is one of the most convenient out there
  • Incredibly wide 7-inches display for exceptional visibility and responsiveness


  • Too expensive for lacking connectivity features


BMW products are always top of the bunch, and when it comes to the Navigator VI GPS, you get outstanding results in every way possible.

From getting pre-installed maps of US and Canada to being able to search for points of interest wherever you go – this device will surely work as the handiest companion. You can fit this navigator practically on any vehicle, yet it works amazingly well on motorcycles.

Its 5-inches touchscreen is outstandingly responsive, and the whole build is just perfect to reduce reflections or any other factor that could harm visibility. When it comes to resistance & durability – this device also delivers excellent results.

Key features you will love:

Great Connectivity Features

Whether you want to listen to navigation prompts or some music while travelling, you can do it all with the Navigator VI from BMW.

You will be able to pair it up with your Android or iOS device easily, put up some music and get an entertaining trip. Or else, you can receive calls, answer messages, or even get top-notch prompts directly on your ears while driving.

Superb Navigation System

Every biker wants a different and exciting route to cross instead of the boring & repetitive highways. With the BMW Navigator VI, you will be able to meet all your requirements when it comes to paths.

From finding new routes to your destination for a more pleasurable experience, to give you the perfect guide through hard places – this device has it all.

Brightest Display Out There

Having a 5-inches display is very convenient when it comes to visibility, but when it is bright enough – there’s no way you won’t find it pleasing.

This device comes with the perfect display to never lose sight of where you are going, even if there’s a harsh sun behind you.


  • Exceptional navigation system and features
  • Highly reliable construction and design
  • Outstandingly bright display
  • Better connectivity options than most


  • The screen is not as responsive as expected

13.Koolertron 4.3 Inch Waterproof

Maybe the most resistant device among all of them, the Koolertron 4.3-inches display is a top-notch option for those who want terrific results.

It will take you through any circumstance without problems, deliver a very reliable operation, and still offer great navigation features to enjoy.

Your travel will easily get improved exponentially, so you won’t have to waste your time with maps or other useless devices when travelling.

Just hook it up in your bike, go to the place you want to go, and receive all the benefits it offers – for a very affordable cost.

Outstanding Design & Build

The most important thing you’ll get with this device is a withstanding design & build that will take you through any situation effortlessly.

This device comes with an IPX7 waterproof rate, an excellently-made rugged construction, and overall resistant to most weather conditions.

Apart from that, its display provides the perfect build to avoid scratches and lack of visibility.

Terrific Navigation Functions

Being able to see your way is merely a few of the functions this GPS offers. You will be able to receive voice directions, real-time alerts of weather updates, and sometimes even receive different types of roads for your travels.

Whether you want to follow the highways or go through unconventional paths, this GPS will do that for you.

First-rate Connectivity & Compatibility

From allowing you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and receive calls and messages, to having a micro SD port to expand memory up to 128GB – this device does it all.

You will be able to add more maps to the navigator, and much more – make use of its features correctly and that’s it.


  • Incredibly reliable construction
  • Many convenient & useful navigation features
  • Responsive and easy-to-use design
  • More compatibility & connectivity for great results


  • Not recommended to use under heavy sunlight

14.Garmin Drivesmart 70

Smart, reliable, and incredibly easy to use – the 7-inches Garmin Drivesmart 70 is not exactly a motorcycle GPS, but surely can become one. With an outstanding set of features and overall quality design, you can get the best out of it without problems.

From driver alerts to smartphone compatibility, and even a top-notch navigation system – if you want to try a product that delivers, the Drivesmart 70 is undoubtedly it.

As long as you use it correctly, getting lost is almost impossible with this one, and that’s without saying it is perfect in every other way.

Handy Driver Alerts

One of the things that are improved in this device from other Garmin Motorcycle GPS is the ability to give real-time & accurate alerts.

From sharp curves to speed changes, red-light cameras, school points, speed cameras, points of interests, traffic jams, and much more. Minimize your problems and speed up your trip with this device, on highways or streets.

Top-Notch Navigation

The GPS will guide you, get you through any path, highway or street, and at the same time help you recognize where you are with friendly descriptions of your surroundings.

But the real thing about this navigation system is that you can interact with it via voice commands, so you won’t have to move your hands when driving.

Excellent Connectivity Options

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, get all the best notifications from calls and messages, superb voice navigation, and much more.

When connected to your smartphone, this GPS will become a convenient device entirely. Being able to answer your calls & see messages on display is an advantage, not all GPS can offer.


  • Excellent notification & hands-free smartphone features
  • Brilliant navigation system with voice commands and more
  • Really interesting & handy driver alerts for city and road riding
  • Highly convenient and responsive 7-inches display


  • Does not offer the ability to plan your paths beforehand

15.Garmin Nuvi 2699

The Nuvi 2699 comes from the Advance Series of the model, providing a wide array of features for superior travelling experience without losing any reliability.

Not exactly a perfect motorcycle GPS, but surely one you can use without problems and get the best from its functions.

You can pick the 5, the 6 or the 7 inches display model according to your needs. All of them provide outstanding results, great alerts, and a withstanding construction for more durability & resistance.

If you want a product that won’t let you down, the Nuvi 2699 is a great choice.

Superb Navigation & Mapping

This device is mostly recommended for city use, yet with its excellent navigation & mapping system, you will receive unbeatable results.

Helping to avoid traffic, get all Up Ahead points of interest, get direct access for faster routes to your destination and even using recognizable landmarks while driving. You won’t ever get lost while using this GPS.

Outstanding Smartphone Compatibility

The Smartphone Link compatibility app helps you get all notifications from your phone in the GPS, which is perfect for any busy driver who wants more convenience.

All done via Bluetooth, you will be able to receive everything from messages to calls, and evens hands-free talking without problems. Also, you get Weather and Traffic alerts directly from the news.

More Updates for Better Drives

Get lifetime updates of all points of interests and traffic directly on the device when you connect it to a smartphone with data.

Add the Foursquare feature, and you’ll get an exceptional array of new things to look for in the city or road you travel at, from restaurants to shops and much more. All of that makes your trip outstandingly better.


  • Navigation helps to reduce traffic problems and travel faster
  • Gives you excellent POI’s with Foursquare and updates
  • Entirely compatible with smartphones for more convenience
  • Really wide & responsive display that goes up to 7 inches


  • Charging options are reduced making the device inconvenient

16.Garmin Nuvi 57LM GPS

When it comes to affordability and overall performance, the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is a GPS you won’t believe how good it is. One of the most popular for driving in the city, this Nuvi 57LM does everything needed to provide the most outstanding experience when it comes to GPS.

The device is entirely easy to use, come with a wide array of features, maps, and overall design advantages.

It gives you a more detailed direction to any of your destinations, and will always deliver excellent alerts for your travels. Wherever you use it, this device will come out like a top contender.

Outstanding Navigation System

With the 5-inches display, watching where you’re going and where you want to reach is entirely smooth. You need to find your destination, select it, and the device will come with the pre-loaded map to give you a more detailed route to your goal.

And if your target is complicated, with the Direct Access feature, you will receive easy-to-follow instructions.

Better Directions & More Destinations

With a Foursquare feature, the Nuvi 57LM lets you know about any point of interest in the city you are, quickly and conveniently. From shops to restaurants or any other interesting place to visit, you’ll get it with this device.

Add the Real Directions feature from Garmin, and getting into any of those complex destinations will be a piece of cake.

Compatible with Camera

IF you have a backup camera or get one to use with the device, you’ll be able to receive real-life images of what’s happening in your surroundings.

Even though it is specially designed for cars, this feature may also provide an exciting experience in bikes.


  • Excellent navigation system for faster & effective travelling
  • Better destinations give you more options while driving
  • Camera compatibility allows you to see surroundings effectively
  • Very responsive and easy to use a touchscreen display


  • Slightly unreliable for harsh weather conditions

17.Garmin Drive 60LM

Taking a ride in the most challenging paths or routes shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you have a Zumo GPS from Garmin. The Garmin 60 LM provides all the necessary features for more friendly navigation, stress-free experience, and overall entertaining result.

From having SiriusXM satellite to providing a top-notch touchscreen, this device goes all the way to deliver excellence.

It is incredibly compatible with smartphones and other devices, comes with an outstanding build for resistance & reliability, and even makes visibility & responsiveness its primary features. This device is one not to dismiss when choosing.

Outstanding Radio & Entertainment Options

The GXM 40 XM antenna alongside the superb Bluetooth connectivity, you’ll get a device that never ceases to amaze.

You will be able to listen to your favorite music via radio, get news, alerts, or listen to your favorite audiobook or radio program. Instead, you can use the audio ability to hear navigation prompts, and never have to watch the display.

Exceptional Navigator

The City Navigator NT maps out thousands of roads in the US, giving you a 3-D view of everything that happens in the streets.

However, the device also connects via Bluetooth to any smartphone so that you can get news or alerts about things happening in your path. Add the NavWeather and NavTraffic features, and you will be able to avoid most street problems.

More & Better Planning Functions

Don’t lose your way when travelling with the top-notch connectivity this device provides. With the Bluetooth tech and overall planning features – getting into your destination is as easy as peeling an orange.

Just make sure you have your route planned beforehand, with the right directions, and the device will take care of the rest with fuel, meals, and many other useful alerts.


  • Exceptional connectivity & compatibility options
  • Dedicated GPS navigators display current street, current speed, speed limit and arrival time
  • Excellent navigator system provides real-time updates & great visibility
  • More entertainment options to never get bored while travelling


  • The interface can be a little bit problematic

18.Garmin Drive 50LM GPS

The most affordable motorcycle GPs in the market, the Garmin Drive 50 is a great option for those users who are on a low budget.

You won’t believe how useful it is when it comes to delivering great navigation, and even more so when it comes to reliability.

This GPS is so straightforward and reliable that you won’t see any similar for a similar price. It displays speed, street name, arrival time, and much more.

For a device so useful in what a GPS should do, the Garmin Drive 50LM delivers everything you need and more.

Top-Notch Data & Directions

With the Real Directions from Garmin, this device is capable of speaking directly to you about where and how to reach your destination.

With more knowledgeable and easy-to-follow instructions, the Direct Access also improves all that, and let’s not forget Foursquare, which helps find all the best points of interests easily & faster than any other device.

Faster & More Efficient Navigation

Whatever you’re looking for, or wherever you want to go, this device will let you mark your destination very quickly.

With its efficiency and overall quickness, finding where you want to go is a straightforward thing. The best results at a very affordable cost.

Ease of Use and Better Alerts

Using the Garmin 50M is the most natural thing you’ll ever experience, whether it is on a bike or in a car. And this improves even more with its alerts, that let you know about speed changes, zones, red lights, speed cameras, sharp curves, hills, and more.

It will also display everything from speed to arrival time– so you get a complete, convenient and reliable product.


  • Very easy to use and reliable GPS
  • Excellent navigation system with top-notch responsiveness
  • Fast, efficient and reliable data & directions
  • Great alerts to minimize problems while riding


  • Does not offer as much resistant as needed for motorcycle use

19.Garmin Nuvi 2639LMT

Nuvi is the perfect Garmin motorcycle GPS if you know how to install & make it work on your bike. Despite not being designed for motorcycles, this series provides the ideal results for anyone who wants reliability, an excellent navigation system, and top-notch responsiveness with its 7-inches display.

You will get outstanding results at all times, and you won’t ever have to worry about getting to the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you want detailed maps, more direction, easy-to-follow instructions, and the most reliable software out there – the 2639 LMT from Garmin, is maybe your best choice.

Excellent Set of Alerts

Whether it is finding points of interest with Foursquare, avoiding red lights, traffic jams, sharp or difficult roads, or just finding for better paths to your destinations, this device does it all.

With excellent alerts functions, you will be able to avoid and minimize problems while traveling, and it does it perfectly well and easy to follow.

Real Directions & Better Navigation

Similarly to almost all Garmin GPS, this one offers the ability to get familiar landmarks and instructions while riding.

You won’t have to guess the names or numbers of the streets, just follow what the device tells you and that’s it. Simplifying your traveling experience is more than possible with this device.

Free Updates & Traffic News

One of the things that set Nuvi devices apart from the rest is the ability to join a free-update service for newer maps and better alerts in traffic and more.

You don’t have to waste your time on old roads or paths if you don’t want too, and you will also be able to minimize your time in traffic. Thanks to this device, finding your way in the city is easier and faster.


  • Alerts system is one of the most reliable out there
  • Many convenient & useful navigation features
  • Really handy traffic news and free updates
  • Totally easy-to-use and detailed interface


  • Slightly difficult to install in bikes

20.TomTom VIA 1415M

Maybe the smallest among GPS for motorcycle, this device will still be able to give you the experience you’re looking for. Getting an easier navigation system, faster directions, and many more premium features – that’s only a part of what this device provides.

Being able to travel without problems wherever you want to go, is an outstanding result not everyone can afford.

With this incredibly cheap device, you can do it all that for a very reasonable price. And of course, you won’t have to worry about ever getting lost.

Great Size for Easier Transportation

Most GPS are large enough to fit in your bike and offer superb visibility never to lose sight of where you’re going. This device also does that, but with a 4.3-inches display which means it is the smallest you will find out there.

This helps for when you need a portable device at all times that does not occupy much space, and you can save on your pocket if needed.

Records & Alerts

Thanks to a superior software, this device is capable of recording mileage, max speed, time, and much more – as well as it can show alerts of different things.

From showing near police stations, address, coordinates or even points of interests, this device will keep you informed at all times.

Excellent Voice Navigation & Directions

The TomTom 1415M comes with a Navigator system that allows you to know when you go through junctions when you have to turn, go back, or keep going, and sometimes even tells you about essential points.

What’s even better, it comes with a lane assistant who shows you where to go for a safer path, and what’s the speed limit in such road.


  • Outstanding compact design for better portability and convenience
  • Excellent system for recording and alerting while travelling
  • Top-notch navigation system with voice and accurate directions
  • Highly affordable device despite its excellent quality


  • charger is loose and doesn’t fit properly in the TomTom

Things to Consider while Buying a GPS for Motorcycle

Everyone wants the best motorcycle GPS, just because it will take them everywhere they want more efficiently and faster. However, picking the right one is not easy at all, especially when you don’t know anything about them.

Luckily for you, here we have a set of features & tips to follow if you want to pick the perfect GPS for your motorcycle trips.

Navigation System & Alerts

The navigation system of a GPS should focus on being as accurate as possible while being fast and responsive.

If you want a GPS that offers a navigation system that is worth your money, you should always go for a device that shows you everything from the point of interest to alerts about sharp curves, speed limits, and even traffic.

The most useful GPS navigation system will let you choose different paths when traveling, so you can pick between the highway, the boring route, or a more exciting choice.

Also, premium GPS systems may also be specially made to provide 3D imaging for better results, and sometimes even offer green-area mapping for a more off-road experience.

Display & Size

The display should be visible, large enough for easier operation, and completely resistant to weather conditions.

For that, most motorcycle GPS devices come with bright screens that prevent sunlight to minimize visibility. Also, the display shouldn’t be lower than 4.5-inches unless you want a compact design for more portability.

The screen should also be highly responsive to avoid getting frustrated when using. Some of these GPSs may even provide a unique feature to change the type of sensibility or whether you use soft or hard gloves.

We recommend always going for those displays that offer enough visibility without losing responsiveness, but without being too large to provide portability still.

Durability & Resistance

The build of any GPS for a motorcycle should be good enough to withstand rain, hard sun rays, and dirt/dust at all times.

This will ensure the device to keep working even after going through the hardest of paths, and even in different seasons for better results and experiences.

The more resistant a device, the more entertaining & useful the tool will also become. And of course, it will add to the lifespan of the device. Let’s not forget about battery either, which also has a significant impact on how many years one GPS can last.

Make sure you pick a product that offers all the necessary construction & durability features, and more.


Connectivity & Compatibility

Being able to connect via Bluetooth, to your computer, via WiFi, and even through micro SD to the device is an advantage you shouldn’t dismiss.

This helps to get a product that not only becomes more reliable and useful over time but also that becomes more entertaining.

Some devices even come with AUX or headphones inputs so you can listen to music or attend calls without using your hands.

Another connectivity thing you should consider is the radio, which can become a necessity when traveling, especially in dangerous places where natural disasters can happen quickly.

Types of GPS

As any other product out there, GPS devices also come in different types and models for you to consider. Here are the three most common;

  • Special:

This type of GPS is the one that comes with all the necessary features for a great driving experience, yet also comes with unique features such as Bluetooth, voice navigation and more.

They are much more useful than a simple GPS, coming with features such as MP3 players, hands-free calling and SMS, and sometimes even built-in games.

The navigation system of special GPS may also offer 3D terrain and excellent availability of POIs and more.

And when it comes to durability and resistance, they deliver outstanding results – with additional accessories for installation & special moving features.

  • Portable:

A portable GPS is the one that focuses on having an excellent GPS navigation system, but only that. However, it tends to be smaller than other options, so it becomes portable enough for easier transportation when needed.

Typically, the display of a portable GPS does not pass over 5 inches, so you can have a small enough device that fits in your pocket.

They usually are pretty resistant and provide top-notch visibility. But not as much as a special GPS, as these focus more on small size than any other feature.

  • Hybrid:

Hybrids are normally larger than a portable GPS, but not as useful or feature-rich as a special one. What makes a hybrid GPS is the construction, they are typically the most resistant and durable of all.

They don’t come with many features or excellent size for portability, but will surely withstand even the harshest of environments without problems.

The navigation system is regular or good, and the additional features may leave something to be desired.

Top 5 Reliable Brands for GPS Trackers

One of the things most bikers ask when it comes to choosing the right GPS is what the best brand out there is.

Even though there’s not a factual brand that offers the best quality – we can name a few that will always be reliable and useful when it comes to GPS.

  1. Garmin

This brand focuses on portable and wearable devices mostly, especially those with several technological features. Among them, of course, we can find GPS like the various ones we have on our list.

All GPS from this brand is always reliable, highly convenient, and comes with exciting features.

However, there are dozens of Garmin motorcycle GPS options out there, and not all of them are that good so you must choose with care.

  1. TomTom

Similar to Garmin, this brand also focuses on portable and wearable technological devices. The GPS this brand offers are high quality as well, highly reliable, with a broad set of useful features, and most of the time they are also affordable.

The thing about TomTom is that they may provide excellent connectivity features, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and compatibility with devices. TomTom is top-notch when it comes to pairing up your devices with its GPS.

  1. BMW

Even though the BMW devices are made with a partnership with Garmin, these GPS come with advantageous features no Garmin products can offer.

What makes this brand stand out is the set of premium features and overall construction. And despite having Garmin parts & designs, BMW goes a little further to provide high-grade products.

But precisely for being a little better than others in almost all features, BMW GPS are also more expensive and sometimes even out of reach for most people. But still, getting one of these is making sure you are getting a top-notch device.

  1. Magellan

Almost all Magellan GPS are low or medium grade. This means they are mostly recommended for people on a small budget.

Still, the brand focuses on delivering as many features as possible for a great price. The GPS from Magellan are also very versatile and may come with beneficial navigation systems.

  1. Koolertron

Koolertron devices focus on being affordable yet reliable still. Most of this GPS for the motorcycle will come with superb constructions and builds, so you get the best durability and resistance for a very reasonable price.

Without losing quality in features and navigation responsiveness, Koolertron GPS also provide better image quality than others.

How to Use a Motorcycle GPS?

Using a GPS is the most natural thing you will find out there when it comes to navigation with a bike. You need to install them, and they will probably do everything for you including navigation, destination choosing, and more. That’s how easy it is to use a motorcycle GPS.

If you want to follow a more detailed guide, here are a few steps that may help you;

  1. Install the device on your motorcycle. Make sure it fits sturdily and does not move.
  2. Now turn on the device and get acquainted with it. Learn about its features and how to use it correctly.
  3. Open the “Map” or “Navigation” feature. Find a location or destination, and set it.
  4. Follow the directions and instructions from the device. Visuals or voice alerts are pertinent as well.
  5. If the device has a pre-set option, you may be able to plan your trips via PC or Bluetooth with a Smartphone.
  6. Maintain the device updated with the latest maps. Always download maps if you plan on riding on new destinations outside the devices’ common areas.
  7. Make sure the device is always charged 100% before using it, especially during long travels.
  8. Protect your device against weather conditions as much as possible. Even if it is resistant & reliable entirely, you should keep it away from as many natural factors as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are undoubtedly looking for a fantastic device for your trips in motorcycle, yet you have a few questions that may not have been answered before in this guide. If so, you may find your answer here;

Q: How long does a typical Motorcycle GPS last?

A: When it comes to GPS, the durability may change completely depending on the brand of the device, the construction quality, and even operational factors. A standard GPS may last between one to five years.

Q: What is the most common problem with Motorcycle GPS?

A: One of the main problems with GPS is the battery. Many people think their devices stopped working just because when it is the fault of the battery. These batteries may last years before dying, but as soon as they start showing defects, they will make GPS work strangely.

Q: How much battery life does a Motorcycle GPS offer?

A: When we talk about the life of the battery, we need to talk about how much energy storage it offers. Usually, GPS batteries are over 3000mAh so they can provide at least 3-4 hours of straight use.

Other batteries may contain more or less than that. While others are connected directly to the bike’s battery, which does work for as many hours as needed until turned off.

Q: Should I do maintenance to my Motorcycle GPS to increase its lifespan?

A: A GPS does not need maintenance or much care at all. Just make sure to keep it clean and away from natural factors such as rain, too much sun, and magnetic or electrical places. The rest will be just about keeping it from falling or impacts, and that’s it.

Q: Is it easy to install a GPS in a motorcycle?

A: Yes, sometimes even more straightforward than installing it in a car. You need to find a reliable point between the frame and handlebar of your bike that does not interrupt your vision, and that’s it. Always make sure it is sturdy enough and fits comfortably without damaging your driving experience.

Final Thoughts – What GPS Is Best for Me?

The best motorcycle GPS is the one that meets all your needs accurately. From budget to destination and goals, if you find the right GPS – you will surely have a much better experience while riding your bike.

But it all comes down to watching our GPS reviews and going through our buying guide entirely. If you do this, you will learn more about these devices and hopefully find the perfect pick for your needs.

Don’t hesitate, and start looking for the best GPS for you NOW!